Papa Canzonetta's

Makes About 20 Popcorn Balls
4 Ratings
A Sweet & Spicy Autumn Treat!



  1. Clean & Sanitize a double sink or prepare two large mixing bowls to work from.
  2. Use an air popper to pop all of the popcorn.
  3. Create marshmallow mix. For 3 minutes microwave marshmallows, butter, hot pepper oil and butter flavoring. Stir in between each minute.
  4. Stir marshmallow mix to ensure an even consistency.
  5. Put all popped popcorn into a butter-greased sink or large mixing bowl, and butter your hands too! This can get sticky!
  6. Fold mixture of marshmallows into the popcorn. Form balls quickly and place into sandwich bags.


Team Up!

Making popcorn balls can be messy for just one person. If a family member or friend can help, recruit them! While forming the balls quickly, have your teammate ready to place the balls into sandwich bags.

Find your perfect spice level!

You'll need 8 tbsp of oils total. We use 5 tbsp of butter + 3 tbsp of oil from a jar of Papa's Original Flavor Peppers. Try more butter and less pepper oil for a milder heat, or use more pepper oil and less butter for even more heat! You can also try using oil from Papa's Mild flavor peppers or Hot flavor peppers! Make it your own and let us know how they turned out on Facebook!

Special Thank You

Thank you to Patty & Jeff Housel for all of your help with this recipe!